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A cross-national, self-sustaining network of youth dedicated to inner and societal transformation with the spirit of non-division and inclusion at the core. Two components will drive this section: research and guest speakers. For research, the fellows will be assigned topics such as “the meaning of community” and “effective means of remote collaboration.”

An intensive, five-day retreat and seminar held in the Oku-Aizu region of Fukushima, Japan. This program is designed for young people who want to gain a deeper understanding of the current environmental crisis from ecological, economic, and anthropological viewpoints. The program focuses on diving into the root causes of the crisis, rather than just exploring surface-level mitigations.

A four-month program designed for a select group of individuals who have participated in KOTOWARI Aizu Summer School. The program follows a collaborative fellowship model where participants engage in weekly online seminars, discussing their learnings from shared readings and writing assignments, as well as engaging in contemplative and meditative practices.