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Firmly established in Awareness and Alignment, intuitively grasp the essence of Nature and Civilization.


Be authentic. Pursue one’s genuine curiosity first and foremost before trying to solve pressing issues of the time.


Critically reflect on one’s own social, historical, and cultural preconditions, and acquire a holistic view of today’s world.

時代的、文化的、個人的な常識の大前提を批判的に思考し、 自分の生きる現実に際して、偏りのない現実認識を身につける



You will work on a month-long personal project at KOTOWARI House, which will be located in a mountainous and/or rural region in Japan. By general rule, you are expected to cook for yourself and others, work at an organic farm, serve the local community, while working on your personal project. Through the simple life in remote nature with excellent organic food and daily farm labor, as well as time with your friendly fellows at the house, you will acquire a new perspective on your everyday life, refresh both the mind and body and develop a deep sense of connection to your inner self and nature.

An intensive 5-day retreat / seminar in Oku-Aizu region of Fukushima, Japan. You will examine different facets of the current environmental crisis from ecological, economic, and anthropological viewpoints. This program focuses on the root cause of the environmental crisis, rather than the “solutions” to the crisis. You will also contemplate on how this crisis is a reflection of our own values and way of life. Through dialogues with peers, guest scholars and activists, and eco-minded business leaders, as well as an immersive exploration of the largest primeval beech forest in Japan, you will develop your own worldview that connects your inner truth and the outer world.

A 6-month-long fellowship program based on the cohort and framework from the summer school. In a style of collaborative fellowship, you and your like-minded peers will create and work on a self-directed research project. At the end of the course, you are expected to present the fruit of your learning at a symposium, where teachers and students gather to learn about tankyu kyoiku (exploratory education). The online school will open in the fall of 2022. This program will develop not only the capacity for critical thinking but also the ability to envision and take action toward your ideal future.