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KOTOWARI: Exploring The Unchanging in Changing Times

As we change our own nature, so does the world change.
American Liberal Arts meets the Way of the East in Aizu, Japan

KOTOWARI's Programs

KOTOWARI: Experiments with Truth

The General Incorporated Association KOTOWARI provides transformative educational experiences for high school, university and graduate students as well as young professionals in Japan. Since 2021, KOTOWARI has been offering programs annually.
The core of the organization is comprised of a diverse group of Japanese and American graduates from liberal arts colleges and research universities in the United States. We recognize that the current generation faces unprecedented ecological and social challenges and that there must emerge radically new values and worldviews to overcome these challenges.
We bring together tomorrow’s leaders with each other, as well as with scholars, artists, activists, and business leaders, so that they can meet the unknown with courage, focus, and creativity. In 2022, KOTOWARI was recognized as a pioneer in the field of education and was awarded a grant from the Mitsubishi Mirai Foundation.

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